The Role of the Unconscious in Career Development

This is an interview with american psychoanalyst Dr. Lynn Friedman  who explains how early ways of relating to important others such as our  parents can be re-enacted, repeated within the working environment  with our colleagues, managers, clients.  It provides an interesting  account of how early patterns of relating are engrained in us and we  carry… Read more »

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Which Early childhood experiences shape adult life

 It is well accepted and scientifically evidenced that early childhood  experiences define the brain wiring. This paper touches this very  interesting topic of the importance of early childhood experiences and its  connections to adulthood.

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What does it mean to love yourself?

A very interesting read exploring the misunderstanding about  what  does it really entail loving and taking care of oneself. A thorough  account  of the  pressure the social media are imposing upon us and  the  harsh, unrealistic  expectations that are being created.

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